It all started with Zeddie Little, who remained ridiculously photogenic while running a marathon. Since then we've met the ridiculously photogenic surgery girl, the ridiculously photogenic jui jitsu guy and a host of others who have maintained their photo-ready best in less than ideal circumstance.

Unlike most of the others, the circumstances surrounding the latest addition to the "ridiculously photogenic" club are nothing to be proud of. In 2010, Florida resident Meagan Renea McCullough was busted for drunk driving. But her sultry mugshot was such that three years later she's became a meme, thanks to Reddit.

The original submission, which was made in Reddit's adviceanimals section Wednesday, had McCullough's photo with the caption "Wanted ... In 50 States." Since then there have been many other variations playing off of McCullough's good looks and convict status.

Check out some of our favorites below. And, remember, don't drink and drive. But if you do find yourself in a mugshot situation you might as well try your best to look good.