The art of the photobomb takes major practice and skill. It could take humans years of failed attempts to properly and completely ruin someone else's picture, because it involves mastering accurate timing and terribly funny faces.For some weird reason, it seems like animals have gotten this whole "making pictures 10,000 times better" thing down pat before we have, and that's a-OK with us due to the hilarity! But when people actually achieve pro status, the results are fantastic.

One master photobomber recently took to Reddit, hosting an AMA session about her photography mischief. Some of the questions included:

Reddit user LoweIQ: "What's your most memorable experience with angry people (after you photobomb them)?"

Answer: One time I was at a bar at school and this girl was like I recognize you... your the photobomb girl, Im like YA all happy but then she goes I HATE YOU."

Reddit user mightymdc: "Is there an art to the photobombing? Do you stalk a group of people and hope to photobomb them or just follow the camera guy and any random group works?"

Answer: At school I was friends with the camera guy and on my birthday last year I was like you have to let me photobomb them all. SO he did and then now I just kinda see the camera and creep."

Check out Photobomb Girl's impressive skills below! (Hint: she's the one creeping in every picture.)