Around awards season it can seem like if you've seen one Oscar contender, you've seen them all. The same rote drama, suspense, beautiful actresses playing can grow tiresome. We've livened up a few of the films that have received Oscar nods by mashing them together to form new movies we'd actually want to see. Because seeing
Ralph smash 19th century Paris to bits would be far more fun than sitting through another weepy, gaspy song of woe.

  • 1

    Brave/Zero Dark Thirty

    Brave Dark Thirty
  • 2

    Lincoln/Django Unchained

    Lincoln Unchained
  • 3


  • 4

    Frankenweenie/Life of Pi

  • 5

    The Hobbit/Skyfall

    Hobbit Skyfall
  • 6

    Snow White and the Huntsman/Silver Linings Playbook

    Snow Silver
  • 7

    Wreck It Ralph/Les Miserables

    Miserable Ralph