Every man has his group of friends and each has their own specific reason for being in the group. There is the funny guy, the smart guy and the straw that stirs the drink.

What if the average guy could assemble the greatest group of male celebrities, athletes, musicians and renaissance men on Earth to hang out with for one night only? Who would a guy choose?

That very question that prompted the first annual GuySpeed 'Legion of Dudes' competition.

The Legion is comprised of seven categories -- seven men who each play a special role within the group.

  • The Grub Guy - Because guys have to eat, drink and go places.
  • The Wiseass  - The funny guy of the group.
  • The Renaissance Man - Bad ass writers, artists, innovators and men who use their brain.
  • The Last Man - The survivalist and the person who stays calm when the fit hits the shan.
  • The Muscle - The muscle of the group because sometimes the night gets a little out of control.
  • The Party Starter -The guy who gets the party started and keeps it going all night long.
  • The Catalyst - The unspecified leader and the guy who makes the group move.

Is it coincidence that there are seven men and seven deadly sins? We just aren't sure -- yet.

Click on the logos below to see the nominees for each category. Vote early and often to make sure your favorite makes it into the Legion. Voting ends June 30th at 11:59 EST.

Who will be inducted into the Legion of Dudes?