What a beautiful autumn day today was with only a slight breeze and a nice mild temperature.  I didn't think there was a thing in the world that could have ruined this lovely day except, ....FLYING BABY SPIDERS!

Today was just an average Wednesday.  Things around the office were calm and luckily nobody came by my desk (or sent me an email) with the weekly "It's HUMP DAY!" camel joke.  As the day progressed, I decided to step out side and take in a little bit of this pleasant fall weather while it is still here.  I looked up to admire the sky and noticed a few odd "stringy" things hanging off of our power lines in the back of the office.  My first thought was that it was some weird random debris caught in the wind, some sort of silk or something.  As I got closer to investigate, I couldn't help but notice that the odd "stringy' things bared a striking resemblance to spider webbing.  I looked up and saw that our 60 foot antenna was covered.  At that moment I began to back up and head for the door.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am not the spider's number one fan.  I went back inside, grabbed a camera and headed back out.  As I was making some adjustments to the settings on the camera, I witnessed a small spider land on the handrail in front of me (see photo #2 below).  Thus, confirming my suspicions.  Like I said, I do not like spiders, let alone thousands of them floating in the breeze, creating giant strands of webbing over 60 feet in the air.

 *The color of the photos have been slightly enhanced to bring out the webs.  No other adjustments or "doctoring" has been done.*