We've all received our fair share of dull engagement announcement photos from friends. (Wow, a photobooth! So original!) Well, one creative couple decided to spice up their engagement photos with some uninvited members of the walking dead.

The photos were recently uploaded to Imgur under the title "Zombie Engagement Shoot." Instead of just posing with some costumed zombies, the couple went all out to create a compelling visual narrative.

Check out some highlights below and click the button at the bottom to see the complete (and pretty bloody) shoot.

The happy couple exchanges vows:

But then...

...Zombie Priest!

Good thing the groom has a handy rock!

Ahhhh! The guests are also zombies!!

Actually, this guy might've just thrown out his back:

And this lady looks more like a bored hipster:

Now that's a zombie!

Will our heroes get away and live in wedded bliss??