I know you know the tale of The Fox and the Hound.  But, have you heard the one about the duck and the hound?  This dog and duck have formed a very unique companionship.  They are apparently always there for each other, proving that friendship can exist on any level.  Us humans could learn a few things from this duck and his BFF canine.

Reddit user I2izzo, who uploaded the photo of the dog and duck going on a swim, says the two have been together for at least three years. I2izzo wrote in the comments that "The duck is too fat to fly and has since claimed the dog as his lifelong mate, wherever the dog goes the duck will always follow."

These two are companions for life.  In the comments of the Reddit feed, one user pointed out that this could be a sort of mating ritual for the duck.  I don't know anything about the mating rituals of ducks.  Based on the fact that they have been pals for years, I'm leaning toward the assumption that they are legitimately best friends.