For the almost-50 years that the UK's iconic 'Doctor Who' has existed in the realm of the public consciousness, perhaps no token has proved as recognizable, or enduring as The Doctor's legendary method of travel, his blue police box the TARDIS. The good Doctor could certainly not have achieved such notoriety without his legions of dedicated fans, one of whom in Australia has taken it on himself to perfectly re-create the interior of the Doctor's famous box in his home! Are you ready to step inside the real TARDIS?

The long wait for Christmas specials and the time in between 'Doctor Who' series can take its toll on many a fan, but why bother to wait when you can spend every day in the TARDIS yourself? That's the thinking that hit Australian 'Doctor Who' superfan JP Fox, who took it upon himself to invest time, effort and money to perfectly re-create the sci-fi interior of the Doctor's famous TARDIS in a structure outside his family's home.

"I've always been creative and enjoyed making things, so that was the drive," Fox told Daily Mail of the project, which cost about $1500 to produce. "But it started when I wanted to make some parody videos of 'Doctor Who' and was just going to make the TARDIS console out of cardboard until my project companions got excited and my plans got a lot bigger. I then thought, heck I may as well go all out."

As fans of the long-running BBC serial well know, the relatively compact exterior of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) hides a much larger interior, though we still give Fox credit for accomplishing such a feat without altering the laws of universal physics. "It was so uncanny how everything fell into place and before I knew it, a masterpiece was coming together before me."

You can check out images of Fox's homemade TARDIS below, and give us your thoughts on the 'Doctor Who' monument in the comments!

And this is the man who owns this masterpiece, along with the TARDIS exterior.