If you could travel back in time, would you snap a cell phone photo of the famous people you brushed shoulders with? In her latest series, Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi imagined what the world would be like if a time traveler could venture into the past and capture some of humankind's greatest, most iconic moments ever. But in this scenario, Borsi herself is the aforementioned time traveler.

Borsi says:

How would time travel affect life as we know it? Capture the most important moments is history, upload to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook? If time travel did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world as we currently experience it? I imagined how I would to do!"

In the following series of images you can see how Borsi -- with digital camera in hand -- might react if she encountered the likes of Elvis Presley, The Beatles and others.

Here she is snapping a photo of the King of Rock and Roll doing what he did best:

Next Borsi sneaks behind Woody Allen while he shoots one of his legendary films from the 1970s. ('Annie Hall' perhaps?) This photo serves as a clever riff on Allen's 'Zelig' in which the filmmaker spliced himself into decades-old documentary footage.

Turns out in this alternate timeline, Borsi was also there to sneak a peek of the British Invasion as The Beatles landed on U.S. shores. See if you can spot her in the crowd.

If Instagram had been around during Warhol's time, chances are he would've been a fan.

And in our personal favorite, here she is snapping a pic of silent film star Harold Lloyd dangling from a clock in this iconic scene from 'Safety Last!'

For more, check out Borsi’s Behance gallery.