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The Most Epic April Fool’s Day Pranks In Wyoming History
Saturday, April 1st, unsuspecting suckers all over Wyoming will be pranked by their friends, family members and co-workers. To celebrate April Fool’s Day, let’s revisit two of the most epic gags in Wyomng history. In the late 1970s, NBC Sports announcers Dick Enberg and Al McGuire dupe…
It’s A Rocky Mountain Lie
It’s a lie, or a spoof, if you want to believe, an alleged satire site, along the lines of “The Onion,” but lacking in, you know, humor.
The City of Casper Puts The Town ‘Zamboni’ Up For Sale
If you’ve ever dreamed of someday owning your very own “zamboni”, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. This week, the city of Casper, Wyoming, announced a public auction for a variety of surplus equipment , including the town’s former “ice …
The Biggest Gun in Wyoming
There are a lot of guns in Wyoming, but only one of them is 30 feet long. The largest firearm in the Cowboy State is the “Giant Parade Rifle“, which lies on top of a gun store and pawn shop next to the historic Irma Hotel in Cody. According to Roadside America, the larger-than-life rep…

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