Weird News

Colorado Police Capture Con Man with University of Wyoming Roots
Before James Hogue became one of the most elusive con men in modern American history, he was a different kind of runner; an athlete at the University of Wyoming. Hogue enrolled at UW in the fall of 1977 and quickly earned a spot on the varsity cross country team. He didn’t last long in Larami…
Your Elevator Is Lying To You
The close door buttons are there for tradition and the psychological effect of a feeling of control. But the truth is, they were disconnected and don’t work
Every Day is Halloween For Wyoming Juggalos
This year’s Halloween season was marred by threats from creepy clowns across the country, including several clown sightings here in Wyoming. For the small, but loyal, group of Wyoming Juggalos, anti-clown hysteria is nothing new. Juggalo is a term used describe fans of the hardcore hip-hop gr…

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