Who Stuffs Your Stockings at Your House? [POLL]
No, it’s not an innuendo, I want to know how the stockings are stuffed at your place. Take the poll and let me know. I ask because a memory popped in my mind the other day. I used to work at a drugstore that sold holiday merchandise, as most do. One time an old lady […]
A Puppy as a Christmas Gift – Good Idea or Bad Idea? [POLL]
I was thinking about Christmas gifts and the types I like to give that don’t involve extra cost to the person receiving the gift like items that need batteries. I think about the worst gift I could give someone would be a puppy. Here’s why. Basically, it’s my way of saying, …
Are You Staying In or Going Shopping on Thanksgiving? [POLL]
Black Friday has crept into Thanksgiving Day, offering amazing deals at low, low prices. Black Friday shopping is a tradition for many, but will you risk leaving your family on Thanksgiving to save a few bucks? Take the poll and sound off. Thanksgiving – Staying In or Shopping?

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