Metallica Reveals Intense Footage From New 3D Film
The band Metallica have always been pioneers in their approach to their music and their fans. Now the band has ventured into the movie business with a 3D film that is being released across the country. Always willing to push the envelope with their music the new movie is cutting edge in it's me…
Worst Movie Ever? I Hope So!
Rodan VS Godzilla, Mothra, Snakes On A Plane and Anconda got nothing on the new SyFy made for television movie, Sharknado. It's so bad, it's good!
Ian Ziering (from Beverly Hills 90210) leaps into the mouth of a shark with a chainsaw...
New Movies: ‘Pain & Gain,’ ‘The Big Wedding’
This week, we've got two new flicks that could hardly be more different in style, subject matter or personnel. The first is a Michael Bay-directed action thriller starring The Rock, the second a family comedy about a middle-aged divorced couple starring Diane Keaton. Take your pick!

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