The Most Epic Kegger in Wyoming History
In the Spring of '94, a group of UW football players and a fraternity threw an epic rager at a place outside of Laramie called "The Barn."
There is no way of knowing for sure if this was actually the largest keg party ever thrown in Wyoming, but it's the biggest one I can …
Crop Circles in Wyoming
Are they just an elaborate hoax is there a scientific explanation for crop circles? That question has been hotly debated for centuries.
In fact, the first documented crop circle was publicly reported in 1678.
And while there may have been more, we know there have been at least two mysterious crop circ…
Larry The Cable Guy Breaks Guy’s Arm On Way To Loveland, Co
Comedians Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy have teamed up to bring their We’ve Been Thinking Tour to The Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado. But a not-so-funny thing happened along the way.
Larry got involved in an arm wrestling, ahem, I mean arm rasslin&CloseCurlyQuo…
Wyoming Brewers Gear Up for the Great American Beer Festival
Next month, hundreds of breweries from across the world will gather in Denver for the "Super Bowl of Craft Beer", the 35th Annual Great American Beer Festival.
Once again this year, brewers and beer lovers from across Wyoming will be representing the Cowboy State proudly...
Wyoming’s Most Heated High School Football Rivalries
With high school football season heating up, here’s our list of the five most historic, and hotly contested gridiron rivalries in the Cowboy State.
Sheridan vs. Gillette,  ‘The Energy Bowl’ – Dating all the way back to 1922, this rivalry ranks among th…

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