Running Vehicles: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
The Casper Police Department would like to remind people to be very cautious about leaving your running vehicle unattended during this cold weather. Leaving your vehicle unattended allows criminals easy access to stealing your vehicle.
Hit & Run: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week [VIDEO]
On Monday December 21st, 2015, at 2:05 PM, a green over tan Ford SUV slid on the icy roads and struck a parked green 2002 Ford Escort in the area of West 18th and South Oak. The Ford SUV then left the area. The SUV will have passenger side damage.
Speeding Stop Leads to Huge Pot Bust
A California woman is behind bars after 130 pounds of pot were found in her car. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant David Wagener says 43-year-old Loc Nguyen was arrested Tuesday night after a trooper pulled her over for speeding on I-80 approximately ten miles west of Cheyenne. The trooper smelled a s…
Counterfeit $100 Bills: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
Over the past couple of weeks, counterfeit $100.00 bills have been passed in the Casper area. The Casper Police Department encourages business owners to make sure their employees are checking all bills with a counterfeit banknote detector pen.
Escaped Sex Offender Captured
 A sex offender who escaped from a Cheyenne halfway house last month has been captured near Laramie. Deputy U.S. Marshal Justin Stephenson says 32-year-old Zachary Firestone was arrested without incident Monday night by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, after information was developed …

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