Pond Skim Planned At Hogadon April 2nd [VIDEO]
Every year during the 1990’s you would find me on the mountain during spring break in a tank top and shorts screaming down Park Avenue to attempt a “skim” across the pond doing my best to get it accomplished without getting wet. Sometimes it worked and most times it didn’…
Powerball Drawings: Which Numbers Occur Most Often?
Scientists will tell you that life is full of patterns and with that, we all agree.  But what about patterns (if there are any) in the Powerball Lottery? We couldn’t find a repeating sequence, but we did uncover the numbers which have been drawn the most over the past 15 years the Powerb…
Win A Weather Station With Your Snow Prediction
Every year we get together with our friend Don Day of Dayweather Inc. and invite you to predict the weather. What we are looking for is your prediction for the first snowfall in Casper for 2015. All you have to do is hit the button below and give us the date that you think snow […]

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