Photobombing takes some serious skill. It’s all about the right timing and awkward positioning that makes for the ideal ruined picture. Most times, it takes years of practice to achieve this sort of obnoxious talent, like pro ‘Photobomb Girl’ or the world’s most awesome stingray. But did you know there’s a certain breed of people who seem to have this whole photobombing thing down pat with little to no effort required? Little kids.

We’ve discovered they’re master sour face makers, super Facebook petitioners and now-- stellar photobombers.

Their pro status probably has a lot to do with the fact that they’re tiny and compact, creating perfect conditions for just poppin’ in the back of a picture. It’s a little annoying these kids are adorable and extra talented, but we’re OK with it because they’re all hilariously cute.

Check out 10 baby photobombs below.